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Self Warming Steam Eye Mask Chamomile Japanese Version (Relieve & Relax Strained Eyes) 12s

Self Warming Steam Eye Mask Chamomile Japanese Version (Relieve & Relax Strained Eyes) 12s
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Product Details
MEGRHYTHM Self Warming Steam Eye Mask Chamomile (Relieve & Relax Strained Eyes) 12s
(Japanese version)

Introducing an ingenious self-warming Steam Eye Mask, crafted using Japan's one-of-a-kind steam heat technology.

The copious supply of gentle 40ºC steam heat delicately envelops your eyes, providing relief from strain, relaxation, and a calming escape from the tensions that burden your mood.

Elevate your relaxation and comfort with the enhanced MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask!
Our unique steam heat technology extends the duration of comfort to a generous 20 minutes, doubling the relaxation time.
The improved ear strap design ensures a snug fit, allowing for a broader distribution of warmth around your eyes.

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

1. Remove eye mask from pouch (Mask begins to warm up as soon as pouch is opened. Use immediately after opening).
2. Tear along perforation, then place ear straps around ears.


*Do not use this product if you have an eye ailment or inflammation (a wound