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Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, meaning that your face has two or more different skin types at the same time. Don’t know how to care for it? We’ve got you sorted. Simply follow this skincare routine for combination skin to help your skin find the perfect balance.

Step 1: Gently remove dirt & oil with a cleansing foam

Find a gentle but effective foam cleanser to give your face a light cleanse in the morning. It keeps both your T-zone and U-zone happy – clearing your skin of dirt and grime without stripping the dry skin of its natural oils, while avoiding clogging up your naturally greasier zones. Make sure your skin is clean before going ahead with a toner, serum and moisturiser.

Step 2: Balance skin with an alcohol-free toner

If you’re worried about a toner drying out your skin, make sure you choose a formula that is alcohol-free. A mild, moisturising formula works to cleanse and tone without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, leaving your skin balanced, soft and hydrated.

Step 3: Smooth dry areas with a hydrating serum

You can’t go wrong with a thirst-quenching serum with hyaluronic acid – it goes on light, increases hydration without feeling greasy. Reapplying a hyaluronic acid serum two or three times to saturate extra-dry zones can give your skin a dewy effect.

Step 4: Nourish eyes with an eye cream

The eye area tends to show signs of aging before any other area on the face. Why? Because the skin around the eyes is thin, and there are no oil glands in this area to help with keeping the area moisturized. Generally, a pea-sized amount of eye cream should be enough to cover the skin under both eyes.

Step 5: Stay protected with a lightweight sunscreen

Make sure your beauty regime includes an SPF moisturiser that will protect your skin from harmful rays every day. A lightweight gel or lotion sunscreen works well for combination skin, as you won’t feel like you are adding more grease to the oily zones when you slather it on.


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