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Exercise brings lots of benefits to our body like improving heart and bone health, reducing body fat, and increasing muscles. But do you know how exercise makes our skin healthy and glowing? Let’s find out the beauty secrets behind it!

Benefits of cardio workout

Helps To Deliver Oxygen And Nutrients

Portrait of happy beautiful asian woman using white towel wiping sweat from her face after exercise in home. Close up of healthy female or sports girl smile and wiping sweat with towel after workout.

Feeling a bit difficult to breathe and hear your heart pumping loudly? That’s how your skin becomes beautiful and shiny.

When we do exercise, our hearts get pumping. Hence, by increasing our heart rate and boosting blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin which keeps our skin glowing and healthy.

Stimulate Collagen Production

attractive asian woman to see a mirror

It’s recognized that collagen is one of the key nutrients to keep our skin supple and firm. The second beauty benefit brought by the is increasing collagen production in the skin.

The studies also show that oxygen and nutrients help to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the new skin cell. As a result, it improves skin elasticity.



Exercise helps prevent ageing. Happy Asian senior couple stretching hands before exercise at park outdoor. Smiling People in white shirts.

Worry about the signs of ageing like smile lines and crows feet? Well, with appropriate sun protection and skincare routine, exercise can triple the anti-ageing effect.

As we mentioned before, working out promotes collagen production. In addition, our body can speed up the removal of waste products and free radicals.

Therefore, it can keep our skin away from further damage and prevent skin ageing.


Reduce breakout

Conceptual shot of Acne and problem skin on female face.

Notice that your feel happier after a good workout?  It’s because exercise stimulates our brain to produce endorphins, the happy hormones. These hormones lower the levels of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Cortisol will trigger skin inflammation and lead to acne breakout. Moreover, it will damage the skin barrier and hinder collagen production. As a result, the skin gets irritated easier and became loose.

Therefore, if you keep exercising, it not only helps to manage your stress level but also prevents your skin from stress acne and ageing.


Let’s start to do exercise today and help your skin get the natural beauty glowing!


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