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Vesseclear Ex Dietary Supplement Capsule (For Clean & Flexible Blood Vessel, Dissolve Clots For Blood Pressure, Circulation Support, And Cardiovascular Health) 30s

Vesseclear Ex Dietary Supplement Capsule (For Clean & Flexible Blood Vessel, Dissolve Clots For Blood Pressure, Circulation Support, And Cardiovascular Health) 30s
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Product Details
LABO NUTRITION Vesseclear Ex Dietary Supplement, Capsule 30s

Healthy Blood Vessels Are Clear And Flexible. When It Gets Blocked In An Artery To The Heart, It Can Trigger A Heart Attack; If It Is In An Artery To The Brain, It Can Result In A Stroke.
Keeping Blood Vessels Clear And Flexible Is Important For Smooth Circulation. Vesseclear Ex Is Made From 100% Concentrated Nattokinase Nsk-Sd And Elastin F. Putting The Two Together, Nattokinase Nsk-Sd And Elastin F Work Synergistically To Support Blood Vessels, Blood Flow, Blood Pressure And Heart Function.

Nattokinase Nsk-Sd
No. 1 Clinically Studied Nattokinase
Effective In Dissolving Blood Clots
A Proprietary Nattokinase Developed By Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd, The World Leader And Pioneer In Nattokinase.
Safety And Efficacy Of Nsk-Sd Has Been Affirmed In Numerous Human Clinical Studies.

Elastin F
1000 Times More Flexible Than Collagen
Helps Replenish The Elastin In Artery Walls For Supple Blood Vessels
Highly Safe, Supported By Extensive Safety Studies.

Dissolves Blood Clots Daily
Lowers Blood Pressure To Healthy Levels
Supports Smooth Circulation
Supports Clear And Flexible Blood Vessels
Supports Overall Cardiovascular Health

Highly Recommended For The Following Individuals
Those Concerned With Heart Health
Deep Vein Thrombosis (Dvt)
High Blood Pressure, Blood Lipids, Blood Sugar And Viscosity
With Poor Eating Habits
Cold, Numb Or Swollen Hands And Legs
Sedentary Lifestyle
Lack Of Sleep
Pre-Existing Family History Of Poor Heart Health

What Is The Difference Between Vesseclear Ex (Red Box) And Vesseclear Cx (Green Box)?
The Formula And Benefits Of Each Is Different. Vesseclear Cx Is A Vegan Formula, While Vesseclear Ex Is A Non-Vegan Formula. Both Vesseclear Ex/Cx Help Dissolve Blood Clots And Improving Overall Circulation. The Difference Is That Vesseclear Ex Also Contains Elastin F Which Helps Promote Elastic And Flexible Blood Vessels. However, Vesseclear Cx Contains Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax Which Helps Improve Cholesterol, Triglyceride & Glucose Levels.

Can I Take Both Vesseclear Ex & Vesseclear Cx?
Yes, Each Box Gives A 30 Day Supply And We Suggest Alternating Between Vesseclear Ex (1 Capsule) And Vesseclear Cx (2 Capsules) Every Day. There Is No Need To Take Both On The Same Day As Vesseclear Is Already Of Functional Dosage Which Gives The Best Efficacy Without Doubling The Dosage. For Greater Cardiovascular & Antioxidant Protection, You Can Also Consider These: Cholrestore, Cardioregain, Perfect Krill Ex And Super Opcs. (Taken 1 Hour Apart From Vesseclear Ex/Cx)

Is Natto The Same As Nattokinase?
No, Both Are Very Different Ingredients. Natto'S Ability To Dissolve Blood Clots Is Extremely Insignificant. Whereas Nattokinase Has Strong Fibrinolytic Activity To Dissolve And Break Down Unwanted Blood Clots. Appearance-Wise, Natto Is The Fermented Soy Bean While Nattokinase Is The Slimy Sticky Strings We See In A Box Of Natto.

Can I Take Vesseclear Ex While I Am On Medication?
Yes, You Can. However, Do Keep A 2-Hour Gap Between Vesseclear Ex And Medicine To Ensure That The Efficacy Of Vesseclear Ex Is Not Compromised. Individuals On Blood Thinning Therapy Should Seek Medical Advice Before Taking.

Ginkgo Is Also Known To Improve Blood Flow. How Does Nattokinase Different From Ginkgo?
Ginkgo And Nattokinase Help Improve Blood Flow, But Both Work Through Different Pathways. Ginkgo Appears To Dilate Small Blood Vessels And Make Blood Less Sticky, Thereby Increasing Blood Flow To The Legs, Ears, Eyes And Brain. On The Other Hand, Nattokinase Increases Blood Flow By Dissolving Blood Clot In Blood Vessels. Research Also Shows That Ginkgo Does Not Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke Or Death, Whereas Nattokinase Is Suggested By Research As A Powerful Prophylactic Approach For Heart Attack And Stroke.

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Product Usage

For General Health Maintenance:
1 Veggie Cap Daily Or As Directed By A Healthcare Practitioner. Take After Dinner Or Before Bedtime.

For Serious Health Concerns:
2 To 3 Veggie Caps Daily At Regular Intervals (1 Veggie Cap 2 Times Daily Every 12 Hours Or 1 Veggie Cap, 3 Times Daily Every 8 Hours).


Active Ingredients Per 1 Veggie Cap:
Nattokinase Nsk-Sd 100Mg
(Providing 2,000 Fibrin Units (Fu) Of Activity)
Elastin F 75Mg
(Extracted From Bonito Fish)

Allergens: Contains Soy

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
(Hpmc), Maltodextrin, Amorphous Silicon Dioxide,
Magnesium Stearate

Gluten Free. No Wheat, Yeast, Milk Derivatives, Preservatives, Flavoring. Safe And Free Of Heavy Metals.


Nattokinase Nsk-Sd Is Derived From Soybean And Some Traces Of Soy May Present In The Final Product. Please Exercise Caution If You Are Allergic To Soybean. Individuals On Blood Thinning Therapy Should Seek Medical Advice Before Taking. It Is Strongly Recommended To Stop Taking Nattokinase At Least 2 Weeks Before A Scheduled Surgery. Dietary Supplements Are Not A Substitute For A Healthy Diet. If You Are Pregnant

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