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Vesseclear CX Dietary Supplement (For Clear Blood Vessels And Dissolve Clots, Anti Aging, Immune Health, Healthy Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Health) 90s

Vesseclear CX Dietary Supplement (For Clear Blood Vessels And Dissolve Clots, Anti Aging, Immune Health, Healthy Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Health) 90s
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Product Details
LABO NUTRITION Vesseclear Cx Dietary Supplement, 90s

Dissolves Blood Clots, Supports Healthy Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Glucose Levels

If You Have Cardiovascular Problems Or Are Experiencing Health Conditions Associated With Ageing, Vesseclear Cx Is The Holistic Solution You Need A Multi-Benefit Vegan Formula Developed With Functional Dosage Of World-Best Nattokinase Nsk-Sd & Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax And Fortified With Bioperine Black Pepper Extract, Vesseclear Cx Is A Simple 2-Step Daily Regimen Designed To Help Adults Aged 40& And Those With Compromised Cardiovascular System Or Are At Higher Risk Of A Stroke Or Heart Attack. It Is Also Free Of Vitamin K2 And Purine.

Nattokinase Nsk-Sd
Most Researched Nattokinase
Recognised By Jhfa And Jnka Proven Safe And Effective
100% Natura, Non Irradiated, Free Of Vitamin K2 And Purine
Halal And Nsf Certified
High Stable

Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax
All Natural. Extracted From Non-Gmo Rice Bran Oil
Enhanced With Bioperine Black Pepper Extract For Maximal Efficacy
Highly Safe And Stable
Research Proven
Superior Absorption And Bioavailability

Maintains Clean & Clear Blood Vessels
Dissolves Blood Clots Daily For Smoother Blood Flow
Supports Healthy Cholesterol, Triglyceride & Glucose Levels
Helps Reduce Brain Inflammation
Relieves Stress, Anxiety And Post-Menopausal Syndrome
Provides Antioxidant Protection For The Kidney
Protects Against Fatty Liver
Boosts Immunity
Improves Muscle Mass, Strength And Endurance

What Is The Difference Between Vesseclear Ex (Red Box) And Vesseclear Cx (Green Box)?
The Formula And Benefits Of Each Is Different. Vesseclear Cx Is A Vegan Formula, While Vesseclear Ex Is A Non-Vegan Formula. Both Vesseclear Ex/Cx Help Dissolve Blood Clots And Improving Overall Circulation. The Difference Is That Vesseclear Ex Also Contains Elastin F Which Helps Promote Elastic And Flexible Blood Vessels. However, Vesseclear Cx Contains Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax Which Helps Improve Cholesterol, Triglyceride & Glucose Levels.

Can I Take Both Vesseclear Ex & Vesseclear Cx?
Yes, We Suggest Taking Each On Alternate Days. There Is No Need To Take Both On The Same Day As Vesseclear Is Already Of Functional Dosage Which Gives The Best Efficacy Without Doubling The Dosage. For Greater Cardiovascular & Antioxidant Protection, You Can Also Consider These: Cholrestore, Cardioregain, Perfect Krill Ex And Super Opcs. (Taken 1 Hour Apart From Vesseclear Ex/Cx)

Can I Take Vesseclear Cx While I Am On Medication?
Yes, You Can. However, Do Keep A 2-Hour Gap Between Vesseclear Cx And Medications To Ensure That The Efficacy Of Vesseclear Cx Is Not Compromised. Individuals On Blood Thinning Therapy Should Seek Medical Advice Before Taking.

Ginkgo Is Also Known To Improve Blood Flow. How Does Nattokinase Differ From Ginkgo?
Ginkgo And Nattokinase Help Improve Blood Flow, But Both Work Through Different Pathways. Ginkgo Appears To Dilate Small Blood Vessels And Make Blood Less Sticky, Thereby Increasing Blood Flow To The Legs, Ears, Eyes And Brain. On The Other Hand, Nattokinase Increases Blood Flow By Dissolving Blood Clot In Blood Vessels. Research Also Shows That Ginkgo Does Not Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke Or Death, Whereas Nattokinase Is Suggested By Research As A Powerful Prophylactic Approach For Heart Attack And Stroke.

Why Is It Important To Ensure The Supplement Is Of Functional Dosage?
Claimed Benefits Need To Be Supported By Research. And Even So, It Is Important That You Are Getting The Clinically Studied Dosage For It To Be Functional And Beneficial For You. When Deciding Which Supplement Is More Potent (Or Gives Better Results), See The Supplement Fact Table And Compare The Listed Dosage (Mg).

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description

Place of Origin


Product Usage

Take 1 Capsule Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax Twice Daily After A Meal.

Take 1 Capsuke Nattokinase Nsk-Sd Once Daily Before Bedtime.


Active Ingredients Per Serving (2 Veggie Caps Gamma Oryzanol And 1 Veggie Cap Nattokinase):
Nattokinase Nsk-Sd 100Mg (Providing 2,000 Fibrin Units (Fu)
Of Activity)
Gamma Oryzanol Oryza Gammax 300Mg
Bioperine Black Pepper Extract 5Mg

Allergens: Contains Soy

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Hpmc), Magnesium Stearate, Caramel

No Gluten, Wheat, Milk Derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Coloring Or Flavoring.


Nattokinase Nsk-Sd Is Derived From Soybean And Some Traces Of Soy May Be Present In The Final Product. Please Exercise Caution If You Are Allergic To Soybean. Individuals On Blood Thinning Therapy Should Seek Medical Advice Before Taking. Dietary Supplements Are Not A Substitute For A Healthy Diet. If You Are Pregnant



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