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Sonic Toothbrush Regular 1s
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Product Details
Excellent cleaning Power! Advanced Sonic Wave Vibration combines with Super-Tapered Soft & Slim Bristles helps to remove 92% of plaque

Place of Origin


Product Usage

1.Squeeze Systema Gum Care Toothpaste onto Systema Sonic Toothbrush, insert into your mouth and turn on the switch
2. Brush your teeth the same way as manual toothbrushing but with lesser force and feel the vibration of the bristles
3. After brushing, turn off the switch when the toothbrush is still in your mouth
4. Wash & dry the brush head portion. Store in cool air condition.


- DO NOT use it in a posture that is almost facing upward. In the event that the toothbrush detaches, it will cause choking. Consult a doctor immediately if choked/swallowed
- DO NOT share toothbrush. It will cause infection of bacterium
- DO NOT use under the following circumstances. It may worsen their conditoins or cause injuries:
1. A person with sensitive oral condition
2. A person with oral condition/ disease or under dental treatment
3. A person with symptom of excessive/ continuous gum bleeding
- Rinse with large amount of water immediately if you sight liquid leaking from the battery and get in touch with skin & clothing. It may cause loss of eyesight and injury. If these situations occur, consult a doctor immediately
- DO NOT dismantle or reconstruct. It may cause injury or accident
- Do not put battery in a fire. It may explode and cause injury etc.
- Do not cause the battery to short circuit. It may lead to fire, electric shock.