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JAPAN Collagen White Beauty Dietary Supplement caplets (For Skin Whitening + Fair & Bright Complexion) 270s

JAPAN Collagen White Beauty Dietary Supplement caplets (For Skin Whitening + Fair & Bright Complexion) 270s
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Product Details
AFC JAPAN Collagen White Beauty Dietary Supplement caplets (For Skin Whitening + Fair & Bright Complexion) 270s

Achieve Visibly Fairer & Brighter Complexion in Days!

> 60X Smaller Marine Collagen Peptides
> 1.5X more absorbable than regular collagen
> Detoxifies skin and fights pigmentation
> Effective brightening, lightens dark spots & acne scars

**Why is collagen so important?
70% of our skin is collagen! By age 25, the body’s collagen production slows by 1.5% per year. Collagen is the main protein in the body that makes up our skin, hair, and nails and this reduction can contribute to weaker bones, dull and dry skin, joint pain, brittle hair, and fragile nails.

**Why choose AFC Japan Collagen White Beauty?
AFC Japan Collagen White Beauty targets skin pigmentation to achieve fair & luminous skin. Formulated with proprietary MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides, it is 60 times smaller than regular collagen and 1.5 times more absorbable than regular collagen. Fortified with powerful skin whitening ingredients, Glutathione Yeast Extract and L-Cystine which work synergistically to repair damaged cells, fight free radicals and promote healthy cell turnover. With new melanin formation inhibited and stubborn spots eliminated, the result is clearer, evenly toned skin.

> The Superior Collagen Sourced from Japan!
Due to the extremely low molecular weight, MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides from fish sources are highly absorbable. Through a specialised hydrolysis process, its bioavailability is enhanced to allow effective delivery of collagen to the skin, intensely replenishing and building the skin’s collagen reserves for youthful skin as well as strong bones and joints.

*Lightens skin pigmentation and dark acne scars.
*Improves uneven skin tone.
*Lighten fine lines and wrinkles and keep skin hydrated.
*Promotes clear, fairer, and radiant skin.
*Protects skin against oxidative stress.
*Repairs skin cell damage caused by toxins, free radicals, and UV rays.

*AFC Collagen White Beauty is suitable for:
*Adults of any age and gender
*Any skin types
*Those with dull skin
*Those who desire to have a fair and even complexion

**When is the best time to take Collagen White Beauty?
Take before bedtime as the rates of repair and renewal peak at first 2 hours of sleep.

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

Direction of Use:
Maintenance: 3 caplets per day
Skin problems and aging: 6 caplets per day

As each individual’s bodily response to collagen varies, monitor your body changes (skin enhancement or joints flexibility) and adjust the daily dosage as preferred.


Active Ingredients per serving of 3 caplets:
390mg Collagen Peptide, 4mg Vitamin C, 16mg Glutathione Yeast Extract and
25.5mg L-Cystine.

Gluten Free, GMP Certified, Non-GMO


Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose