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Floragenesis Ultra Wellness Dietary Supplement Sachet (Suitable for Women & Men, For Gut And Digestive Health, Intestinal Flora Balance And Healthy Immune Function) 30s

Floragenesis Ultra Wellness Dietary Supplement Sachet (Suitable for Women & Men, For Gut And Digestive Health, Intestinal Flora Balance And Healthy Immune Function) 30s
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Product Details
LABO NUTRITION Floragenesis Ultra Wellness Dietary Supplement Sachet 30s

Floragenesis Ultra Wellness Is A High Strength, Research Proven Formula With 50 Billion Cfu Live Probiotics, And Improved With 10 Billion Floragg Lactobacilus Rhamnosus Gg.Containing 15 Diverse Strains Of Probiotics For A Spectrum Of Health Benefits, Floragenesis Is Fortified With 4G Frutafit Prebiotic Dietary Fiber And Features A Targeted Delivery System A Patented 5-Layer Microencapsulation Which Protects The Probiotics Against Heat, Stomach Acid And Intestinal Bile For Maximal Delivery And Efficacy.

Most Oral Probiotics Are Prone To Destruction By Gastric Acid And Bile As They Journey Down The Digestive Tract, Even Before Their Beneficial Activities Can Take Effect. Although Live Cultures Are Typically Coated By A Capsule, They Are Still Not Protected Against Ambient Humidity, Warm Temperatures Or Gastric Acid And So Cannot Survive For Long.

The Superiority Of Floragenesis Ultra-Wellness

Unlike Regular Uncoated Probiotics Which Are Prone To Destruction, The 15-Strain Probiotics In Floragenesis Ultra-Wellness Are Embedded In The Core, Surrounded By Robust Acid-Resistant, Bile-Resistant, Antioxidant, Nutrient-Rich And Colonisation Layers. This Provides A Physical Barrier To Protect The Probiotics Against Harsh Conditions Of The Body As Well As Humidity And Stress, Which Helps Increase The Rate Of Intestinal Colonization And Keeps The Intestinal Lining Healthy.

Targeted Delivery: Delays Release To Optimize Efficacy And Colonization

Protects Stability Of Probiotics: Survive Destruction By Acid And Bile

Nutrition For Probiotics: Nutrient-Rich Layer Nourishes Probiotics And Keeps Intestinal Mucosa Healthy

Combines Probiotics And Prebiotics: To Become Synbiotics, Increasing The Rate Of Colonization

Overall Wellness Benefits:
Supports Good Gastrointestinal Health
Supports Healthy Immune Functions
Combats Pollutants
Supports Cardiovascular Health
Supports Liver Health
Supports Oral Health

Additional Benefits For Women:
Increases Minerals Absorption
Supports Skin Health
Supports Healthy Weight

Additional Benefits For Seniors & Children:
Supports Healthy Ageing Of Elderly
Supports Brain Health
Improves Eczema Symptoms
Protects Against Anaemia
Reduces Respiratory Infections

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description

Place of Origin


Product Usage

Direction Of Use:
Mix Content Into 150-200Ml Of Water (Room Temperature Or Cold)

Recommended Dosage:

Adults Or Children >12 Years : 1 Sachet Daily


Active Ingredients Per 1 Sachet:
Proprietary Blend Of 15 Probiotic Strains (50 Billion Cfu)
B. Coagulans, B. Subtilis Natto, B. Bifidum, B. Lactis, B. Longum, C. Butyricum, L. Acidophilus, L. Paracasei, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus Gg (Floragg), L. Casei, L. Lactis, P. Acidilactici, S. Boulardii, S. Thermophilus
Frutafit Prebiotic Fibre 4G
No Gluten, Laxatives, Wheat, Yeast, Preservatives, Artificial Colouring Or Flavouring


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