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Colon Care (Constipation Free) 60s

Colon Care (Constipation Free) 60s
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Product Details
QN WELLNESS Colon Care 60s

Constipation Free Risks Free
Good Digestive Health Starts With Having Regular Bowel Movements. There Are Many Problems And Risks Related To Constipation Such As Difficult And Painful Defecation, Bloating, Risk Of Colon And Blood Vessels, Toxins Accumulation Etc.
There Are Three Major Reasons For Constipation. Unlike Other Constipation Release Products, Colon-Caretm Provides Holistic Solutions To Your Constipation Effectively.
Constipation Reason I (Constipation Solution I): Insufficient Intake Of Dietary Fibre.
The Usual Cause Of Chronic Constipation Is A Lack Of Adequate Dietary Fibre. Very Few People In Modern Society Consume Sufficient Fiber, Especially The People Who Take Their Meals Outside Home.
Colon-Caretm Contains Purified Aloe Vera Extract, Which Is A Highly Recognized And Accepted Safe Dietary Fibre. It Replenishes The Shortage Of The Dietary Fibre, Thus Helping Relieve Constipation.
Constipation Reason Ii (Constipation Solution Ii): Excessive Internal Heat.

The Second Reason For Constipation Is Excessive Internal Heat Caused By Some Food (Such As Chilli, Spicy Food, Alcohol, Coffee Etc.), Emotion Disturbances (Such As Stress, Depression, Anger Etc.) And Hot Weather. All Of These Factors May Cause Intestinal Tract Become Dry And Unsmooth, Forming Heat-Constipation.
Colon-Caretm Contains Cassia Seed Extract, Which Helps Clear The Heat Accumulation In Colon And Liver Fire, Thus Relieving Constipation Due To Excessive Internal Heat And Intestinal Dryness.

Constipation Reason Iii (Constipation Solution Iii): Weakness Of Colon Muscle Contraction.
The Third Reason For Constipation Is Weakness Of Colon Muscle Contraction. The Passage Of Stools Requires The Normal Function Of Colon Muscle Contraction. But For Some People (Especially The Elderly People), This Contraction Function Is Affected Due To Aging, Unhealthy Defecation Habit, And Some Diseases, Causing Difficulty During Defecation.
Colon-Caretm Contains Psyllium Seed Extract, Which Helps Improve/Stimulate The Function Of Colon Muscle Contraction. Thus The Movement Of Stools In Colon Becomes Easy And Constipation Is Effectively Relieved.

Altogether, Three Types Of Constipation (Insufficient Intake Of Dietary Fibre, Excessive Internal Heat, Weakness Of Colon Muscle Contraction) Can Be Effectively Relieved By Colon-Caretm. Therefore, Colon-Caretm Is Proved To Be The Holistic Solution To Your Constipation.

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description

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Product Usage

Oral, Take 1 Tablet, 2-3 Times Daily. Before Meal Or After Meal.


Aloe Vera Extract 300Mg, Psyllium Seed Extract 200Mg, Cassia Seeds Extracts 100Mg.


Supplements May Only Be Of Assistance If Dietary Intake Is Inadequate.
Store Below 30°C In A Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight.