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Age is always the biggest secret of a woman. Want to keep your skin like a teenager? What you need to do is not only skin care, daily habits is also a key factor you need to pay attention on. Bad habits mentioned below can ruin your skin. Check out to see if you have these habits and try to stop doing them as soon as possible.

Below are the bad habits accelerating aging:

Skip Cleansing Steps after Makeup Removal

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Girls always skip the cleansing steps after removing their makeup. In fact, makeup remover cannot completely clean the dirt on the skin, and remover products remain the chemical composition on the face. Thus, it is necessary to use cleanser to wash the face after removing your makeup to maintain skin health.

Wrongly Apply Eye Cream

0905 pic_2

Eye cream is an important part of skin care. However, most people apply eye cream wrongly. When you push eyes cream horizontally under your eyes, the skin around your eyes will be injury because of the friction and lead to wrinkles.  As the skin around your eye is particularly vulnerable, it is easy to loose. Therefore, when you apply eyes cream, you just need to press the eye cream gently with your fingertips around your eyes. Don’t let your eyes tell your age! Change your bad habit now!

Use the Same Skin Care Products 365 Days A Year

0905 pic_3

You change your clothes when season change. It is the same for skin care products. According to change of weather, choose the right products to maintain your skin. When spring and summer change into fall, you change to use high moisturizing products to strengthen your skin and choose more moisturizing lotion or cream to lock the water in the skin. However, when winter change to spring, you need to avoid using oily skin care products.

Squeeze Acne

0905 pic_4

Our hands have many unknown bacteria; squeezing acne is easy to cause inflammation. And even more worse to leave scars and lead to large pores and other issues on face.  From now on, stop squeezing acne on your skin!

No Regular Cleaning of Makeup Tools

0905 pic_5

Makeup tools such as puffs and all kinds of brush are all indispensable part of makeup tools. With makeup every day, facial secretion of oil will be attached to the brush and puffs. If you do not clean your makeup tools regularly, oil from the face will be accumulated on the brushes. When you apply makeup on face, oil and bacteria on brushes will be coated on face and lead to acne. So, remember to clean your makeup tools regularly.

No Changing Pillowcases Regularly

0905 pic_6

Pillowcases covered with a variety of dirt, including dust, surface oil and so on. Therefore, if you do not change your pillowcase regularly, bacteria on pillow will stick to the face and cause acne!


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