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An intact skin barrier is the first-line defense mechanism against irritants, allergens and other external aggressors. If your skin is easily sensitized or irritated, protect it with the right skincare products that can shield it from the sources of skin irritation and damage to the skin barrier.


Cicaplast Baume B5 Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm

The soothing balm provides multi-repairing soothing care, for face, hands and body with its dermatological active ingredients Panthenol / Madecassoside and copper – zinc. It is allergy-tested and fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin.

During the time of the pandemic, the ultra-nourishing creamy balm effectively safeguard your skin from friction from face masks, as well as dryness from hand sanitisers, soap & hot water.


Cicabio Crème Soothing and Repairing Cream (Damaged or Wounded Sensitive Skin) 

When our skin gets damaged by things like scratches, non-abrasive lasers, shallow cuts, redness or irritations, the resulting dry, non-oozing lesions can cause discomfort, pain or even itch. Therefore how well our skin is repaired has a direct impact on how long possible scars last.

The light, non-oily cream rapidly soothes, relieves feeling of discomfort and reduces the urge to scratch. It also provides a “dressing effect” that forms a breathable protective and optimal impart. Apply Cicabio cream daily to irritated area once or twice until skin is fully repaired. You will be amazed by how quickly it stimulates would repair!


A.Repair Light Cream

A lightweight, creamy moisturizer that provides ultra-moisture replenishment and strengthens skin barrier. Cellapy’s patented A.Repair Complex is formulated with 4 types of Ceramide and 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid  to target different skin problems.

The cream is suitable for all skin types, especially weakened skin due to exposure to exogenous factors and sensitized skin due to external irritation. It absorbs into skin easily and leaves a non-sticky finish.



Urban Damage Care Concentrate 

With women in cities reported 10% more skin sensitivity and redness, D Program has collaborated with Watsons to launch the new Urban Damage Care range for sensitive skin to relieve redness.

Formulated with Shiseido’s proprietary H-Stabilizing A with Anti-Redness Complex, the concentrate soothe skin from redness caused by dryness and fine particles in the environment. It provides 8 hours soothing moisture and strengthens skin barrier.


Pruriced Soothing Gel

This non-greasy gel soothes fragile or irritated skins. The high-tolerance formula eliminates feeling of itchiness and provides an instant feeling of freshness. Enriched with Uriage Thermal Water and Calamine, this gel effectively soothes sensations of tingling and tightness.

Facts about sustainability: CO2 offset


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