Things You’re Doing Face Masks Wrong

Things You’re Doing Face Masks Wrong

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Mask, is one of the girls’ skin care essential in a skin care products. But some people discover that having masks even make their skin drier. Why does it happen? The reason behind is related to the way you use the mask. If you wrongly use the mask, your skin will become worse; the effect is likely to be counterproductive.

Not to Apply Every Day

It is suggested to apply face mask 3 times a week. Overusing a face mask can strip your skin of necessary oil; in turn, your skin overcompensates by creating too much oil, making it look even worse.

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Do Thoroughly Clean and Keep Moist before Having Mask

This point is very important. If cleaning is not doing well before having the mask, dirt will clog pores and cause acne on face. Thus, before applying the mask, use warm water to clean your face. Girls may love applying mask during bathing, but it is not recommended as too much water will hinder the absorption. The best timing for having mask is the time just after shower.

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Not to Leave the Mask on Face Overtime

Generally speaking, leave the mask on face for about 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the mask materials. Make sure to take it off before it dry out. After the mask fully dry out, it will absorb the moisture of your skin which will make your skin look even worse.

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Not to Move When You Are Having Mask

During the time when you are having the mask, your skin will be stretched tightly. At this time, don’t talk or even laugh, because all these actions will lead to fine lines easily. The best way is to close your eyes and listen to music, try to make good use of these 15-30 minutes for relaxing.

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Not to Apply Skincare Products Immediately after Having Mask

Skin will become sensitive after having mask. In order to protect your skin, try not to apply skincare products immediately after applying the mask. You can take a little moderate toner first and apply moisturizing lotion after half an hour before sleep.