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You have done a lot of men’s grooming, yet; there are some guys look better than you without a clue. Look at their eyes; they look very youthful and smart without a clue. Why? The trimmed eyebrow is not born with them; it is their part of grooming routine! Eyebrow is a very import features on your face; you should always keep it trim and tidy. Let’s follow these simple steps to start your eyebrow grooming!

Step 1# Get your perfect shape

When it comes to eyebrow grooming, it is very important to get the shape fit yourself. Don’t follow other guys, pick the best one for yourself. Most gentlemen looking perfect with the natural shape of their eyebrow, you can simply use an eye-pencil to outline the shape of your eyebrow so that you know where to remove the outlaying eyebrow.

Tools for make-up isolated on white background

Step 2# Brush your eyebrow

After outline your eyebrow, you can take your teeny tiny comb and brush your eyebrow toward the direction they grow. This little trick helps you to make your eyebrow be consistent in order to trim it easily.

Close-up Of A Hairdresser Cutting Man's Hair At Salon

Step 3# Remove the outlying eyebrow

Take your tweezers and stand close to the mirror, snip any hair that outlying the shape of your eyebrow. For the beginners, the trick is to pull quickly by the root in the natural direction of hair growth. And don’t go overboard!

Portrait of man removing eyebrow hairs with tweezing.

Step 4# Snip off excessive length

Before snipping your brows, it is always important to brush your brows first. Then, use your brow comb to measure the excessive length of your brow and snip off. To play safe, only cut one millimetre at a time.


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