Easy Halloween Makeup Tips

Easy Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween Makeup

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Halloween is just around the corner, have you got your Halloween costume ready? Still not? Don’t worry, because a little costume makeup can already take your Halloween game to the next level, and you don’t even need a lot of makeup supplies.

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Spooky Skeleton Look

First of all, apply light-colored foundation all over your face, then outline the eye sockets with black liquid eyeliner. Don’t worry if the circles aren’t exactly the same shape, the less balance the better. After that, fill in the eye sockets with black eyeshadow using an eyeshadow brush. For the nose, draw the letter M across the center of your nose with liquid eyeliner, then fill the letter M with black eyeshadow, make sure it wraps around your nostrils. After that, color your lips white with white eyeliner pencil, then use liquid eyeliner to draw a line from the corner of your mouth toward your ear, about three inches on both sides, after that draw a vertical line down the center of your mouth, from just above your top lip to just past your bottom lip, draw six more vertical lines about half an inch apart to the left of the center line. Repeat on the right side to finish your teeth. Use the black eyeshadow to shade underneath your jawline and down your neck. Your neck will appear more emaciated if you concentrate the shadow on the sides of your neck while leaving a section of natural skin visible down the center. Lightly shade around the hairline with black eyeshadow. Use an angled eyeliner brush, pull the excess eyeshadow from the inner corners of your eyebrows up and into a curved line on both sides, as well as on the outside of your eye sockets.

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The Walking Dead Look

Zombies are a Halloween staple, to do a zombie makeup, first apply a base of white face paint; you can also subtly apply a second color of grey, red or purple over the white to create a mottled effect. Then use dark pencil eyeliner to outline your eye lids and smudge it outward. Then use black or brown eyeshadow to fill in the dark circles beneath the eyes and around the eyelids. Apply black lipstick to your lips for a dried-out, dead look. Also emphasize the creases around your mouth with some dark, shadowy lines. Use a small paintbrush to paint some thin, zig-zagged lines in blues and purples all over the face to create a popping veins effect. After that, draw a stippling sponge dipped with red face paint lightly over the skin to create a bloody-looking scratch. Lastly, finish the makeup with fake blood made with red food coloring and corn syrup. Don’t forget, you can always complete this look by moaning “braiiiins." Happy Halloween everyone!
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