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Lying awake with racing thoughts? Feeling overwhelmed? In times of uncertainty, sometimes a little bit of extra support is needed. Read on and discover the best supplements to combat anxiety and stress.


Upping your daily magnesium intake could potentially help you better manage stress. Known for its calming properties on the nervous system, magnesium helps to increase the levels of GABA that play a very important role in mood and relaxation in your brain.  So not only will your anxiety start to get better, you’ll feel a lot happier too. It’s also used to relax tight or overworked muscles.

Common signs of magnesium deficiency:  Nausea, fatigue, muscle contractions & weakness

Magnesium-rich foods: almonds, spinach, cashews, avocados 


Probiotic bacteria help keep your gut healthy, but also good for your brain, too. Research has shown that probiotics help promote mental health and cognitive function. Try to take probiotic supplements regularly to smooth out mood swings, lower stress and anxiety.

Common signs of probiotic deficiency: Poor digestion, stomach upset, poor skin health, sleep issues, anxiety

Probiotic-rich foods: Yoghurt, cheese, kimchi, Kefir



Supplementing with melatonin can alleviate anxiety and stress. What does a hormone that aids in sleep regulation have to do with anxiety and stress? By taking melatonin, you can help your body get the sleep it needs to stay mentally fit, regulating circadian rhythm, and easing negative feelings.

Common signs of melatonin deficiency: Sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, anxiety & depression

Foods high in Melatonin: Eggs, mish, fish, nuts & goji berries


While B-complex vitamin supplements may not be a cure for mental health issues, there are studies showing that they play an essential role in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. If you feel anxious and stressed, try to top up your levels with B vitamin supplementation.

Common signs of B-complex deficiency: Fatigue, depression, vomiting

Foods high in B-complex: Dark green vegetables, eggs, cheese, milk, fish & meat


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