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Every woman needs to experience a tough period every month when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Bloated like a balloon and cramps can be really painful, but your life can be much easier in fact. Read on to know top 4 hacks that will make your period suck less.

Heating pad

No matter a heating pad or hot water bottle, it can make your period become less painful. It is found that heat will help stimulate blood flow to relax the muscles that actually cause the pain in your period. It may be different to get some hot water outside, so a portable heat pad with plug-in function is very convenient to relieve your cramps.

Caucasian woman having painful period cramps

Do yoga or light exercises

Some may think that it should be just laying in bed the whole day to relieve pain when your period comes. However, it is suggested to do the light exercise or yoga instead. Relax, it is not about running a race. It is about some stretching exercise to help you relax your muscles and meditate. Such light acting can make you feel better during your period.

Fit woman performing child yoga pose at gym class. Fitness woman working out on yoga mat indoors.

Say No to caffeine

I know you love coffee so much that may rely on it to survive every day. But the caffeine worsens cramps in fact. You can switch your daily caffeine to a decaf one to make your body feel better.

Cup of coffee on black background like switch button

Cut down on salty snack

It’s okay to treat yourself well on your tough period monthly. However, the salty snack makes your body retain more water that results in a bloated feeling. Therefore, eat as less salty food as you can and try to include almonds, bananas and a bit of dark chocolate as your snack during the period.

Heap of potato and tortilla chips background

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