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Ankilall Ant Killer (Roots Outs Ants In the Nest) 2s

Ankilall Ant Killer (Roots Outs Ants In the Nest) 2s
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Product Details

ARS Ankilall Ant Killer (Roots Outs Ants In the Nest) 2s

ANKILALL is an innovative ant nest removal solution and leads to eventual destruction of nest by killing all ants in a nest with the baits carried back from the ANKILALL plastic case which is set around houses and porches.

How it works:
The bait is securely carried back into a nest by worker ants without killing them instantly, the bait once carried back by worker ants is distributed to all the ants in nest, including the queen ant, soldier ants and larvae etc. All the ants in the nest will die in a few days, which leads to eventual, destruction of the nest.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

Direction for use

- Pull out a sticker horizontally and slowly.
- Set the container where ants are found or close to a nest.



- Avoid outdoor use due to rain and avoid direct sun light exposure.
- Do not touch ants or plastic case while ants swarm around it since ants might stop swarming by sensing the alarm pheromone given out by fellow ants.
- Protect children and pets from mistaking the bait for food or feed. Just in case children or pets accidentally have eaten the baits, make them vomit and seek medical advice.
- Store ANKILALL where no food or feed are available and keep ANKILALL out of reach of children
- Not effective on termites and winged ants.