Laurier, the number 1 brand in total Singapore Sanitary Protection Category, offers a wide variety of high-quality products to suit every woman's needs. Laurier believes in empowering women to live their lives with freedom and not being held back by their period. This is achieved through Kao Japan’s advanced technology that produces high quality Laurier sanitary protection products, giving maximum absorbency and comfort to her consumers. 

All because Laurier understands that we can't change periods, but we can change the way you feel about them.

Laurier is:

  • Leading brand in sanitary protection category
  • Provides high quality products that meet the needs of every women
  • A friend who listens, cares and know what women want
  • Empowering women to positively take charge of their period and embrace their womanhood
  • Believes in providing confidence, security and comfort to all women during their period