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PIP Elekiban Max 200MT 12S
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Product Details
Effect: Stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle stiffness. Odor-less. ELEKIBAN® can be worn even while bathing or showering. The permanent magnet continues to work as long as ELEKIBAN® is worn.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

Apply ELEKIBAN to stiffness points. If desired, applying more on either side of or around the point will increase its efficacy. Depending on the degree of stiffness, as a guideline, use for 2 to 5 days.


Those with pacemakers and other implanted electronic medical devices should not use the product, as it may cause the device to malfunction.
To avoid accidental swallowing:
a. DO NOT apply to a child six years old of age or younger.
b. Keep out of children and adults requiring supervision.
c. Throw away immediately after use.
Those receiving medical treatment or have following symptoms must consult health professionals prior to use:
a. People with malignant tumor.
b. People with heart-related disabilities.
c. Women in an unstable stage of early pregnancy or shortly after birth.
d. People with dulled perception caused by peripheral circulation failure due to diabetes.
DO NOT place close to items that are affected by magnetism, such as clocks, magnetic cards and floppy disks.
For EXTERNAL use only.