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Not everyone likes scars. Some of us might regard them as the marks of glory or honour. But others may not since scars will affect our appearance. Here are some tips to prevent and minimize the most common types of scarring such as acne scar.

What are scars?

After our body works to repair the wound or injury, a scar may be left on our skin. The body generates new tissue made of collagen. It will heal the damaged skin and close gaps to prevent infection.

Accidents, burns, surgery, acne, and illness will cause various shapes and sizes of scars. Therefore, the approach to treatment should be different.

Recent Scars or Injuries

You should use a mild non-soap detergent cleanser twice a day for the wound. Then, keep your skin hydrated with moisture cream. Because it helps to boost the healing process.

Apart from that, to keep the wound clean, you should change the bandage every day. After the wound is healed, apply sunscreen to reduce hyperpigmentation.

If the scars are more than just a surface scrape, you should go see the doctor. They may give you some pressure dressing to avoid raised scars.

scratch injury wound abrasion chafe on the kids elbow hand

Acne Scar

Because acne breakout will damage the epidermis and the dermis at the same time. It will leave some scars on your face – some of them like hyperpigmentation, some of them change the texture of skin that leaves indentations on the face.

In order to prevent acne scar, the first step is to stop picking pimples. The reason for it is most of the scars appeared after scratching an acne lesion. Also, do remember to apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Close up of the face of young lady with acne scar

Also, you can use skincare products that contain retinoids, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These ingredients can increase collagen, even out skin tone, and prevent future acne.

Inforgraphic that shows the ingredients to fade acne scars

For the larger scars, you may try ablative lasers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion treatments. These treatments help to boost collagen production and soften facial acne scar.

Hardware cosmetology. Closeup portrait of female face with closed eyes getting microdermabrasion procedure in a beauty parlour. Procedure of Microdermabrasion

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