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Let Your Lenses Magnify Your Beauty

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It's a common beauty myth that wearing glasses makes you look more "geek" than "chic". Because of this, a lot of girls choose contacts over glasses, thinking it's the only way to enjoy fashionable makeup. Unfortunately, contact lenses can lead to dry eyes. So here are some tips to help you look sweet, pretty, and confident while wearing glasses!

Tip 1: A clean foundation

When wearing glasses, thin and natural makeup is the best choice. A thick layer of makeup can result in indentations on your nose or stains on the nose pads of your glasses. So keep your makeup thin, and apply finishing powder. Don't forget to retouch it and cleanse away any oil regularly, so your makeup won't run!

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Tip 2: Highlighting

Highlighting can counteract the way that glasses block off parts of your face. Choose a delicate highlighter, and apply it to the parts of your face you'd like to accentuate, such as your brow, cheekbone, nose bridge, and chin. This will make your face shine and appear more three-dimensional.

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Tip 3: Lipstick

Pure and simple makeup is the best way to balance your glasses. This is especially true for lipstick, where the rule is, the lighter the better. Don't choose a lipstick with a strong colour – use a fashionable nude or sweet pink colour instead. The finish is important, too; glossy and shiny lipsticks are a more natural choice than matte ones.

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You don't have to give up cosmetics when you wear glasses. Follow these tips, put on your makeup, and show how chic girls with glasses can be!!