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Father’s Day is just around the corner! (18 June 2023 Sunday) Did you mark it on your calendar yet? It’s time to start Father’s Day 2023 gift hunting. According to the “Men, Women and Risk Aversion: Experimental Evidence” research, clearly stated that men prefer gifts that are more practical or functional, like a new tool or appliance. Since men are more likely to appreciate gifts that have a clear and immediate use, not a romantic and abstract one, they enjoy gifts can help with their daily lives.

Please don’t fear – We have prepared an ultimate guide for your Fathers’ Day gift hunting. It’s something cool, unique and meaningful for dad a breeze. The best thing is your can browse the men’s products on Watsons website and enjoy the O+O home delivery. Simply point and click on the website to surprise your hero on this special day!

Father’s Day gift ideas 1: Shaver

Shaver is a never-wrong Father’s Day gift idea as they have to shave every day, or some dads have to shave twice per day. Shaver is just like their buddy. Why don’t you do an upgrade shaver for your dad in this year? A rechargeable shaver can help him achieve a clean, close shave. Once social distancing rules are lifted and we return to normalcy, a rechargeable shaver’s greatest advantage is its travel convenience. Your dad can enjoy a hassle-free grooming experience without the need to pack the charger, making it a more compact and portable option. The rechargeable shaver can be lightweight and practical for on-the-go grooming.

Father’s Day gift ideas 2: Scented body wash

Men typically don’t give much thought to their choice of body wash, often just using whatever is readily available at home. However, you could consider gifting your dad a scented body wash, particularly during the summer when heavy odours are more noticeable. Some deodorants can even increase body odour by stimulating blood circulation. A scented body wash can provide a refreshing and cooling sensation, leaving your dad feeling clean and rejuvenated with a pleasant scent after his shower. This can be especially beneficial after a workout, helping to wash away sweat and leave your dad feeling refreshed.


Father’s Day gift ideas 3: Hair gel

No matter how old your dad is, hair gel is essential daily for men that they can use on a daily basis to style their hair. You can also introduce your dad to new hair styling products and help him upgrade his grooming routine, asking him to put away his old-fashioned hair gel. Also, the hair gel can provide a polished and professional look, it is perfect for dads who need to look sharp for work. Last but not least, hair gel is an affordable and easy-to-find hair care product, you can find many choices in Watsons, even if you are a student, you can afford the hair gel. Your dad will surely appreciate this thoughtful and practical Father’s Day gift.


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