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Chinese New Year is around the corner! It is one of the important festivals for expressing love and respect. Have you prepared CNY gifts for your parents and relatives? We have rounded 5 Chinese New Year gifts for you to give for the Lunar New Year.

NEW MOON Premium Gift Packset

The NEW MOON Premium Gift Packset is a valuable but delicate CNY gift set. It consists New Zealand Abalone (425g), Razor Clam(425g), Fishmaw Soup(425g) and Bird Nest Collagen Strips(150g x 3s). This gift set is best for visiting relatives or for the elderly.  

Chinese New Year gifts, NEW MOON Premium Gift Packset

NEW MOON Essence of Chicken with Wolfberries

The New Moon Essence of Chicken with Wolfberries, Red Dates & Gingko uses a traditional double-boiled method to extract the goodness of the chicken. The extract of Wolfberries, Red Dates & Gingko helps to revitalise your mind, sight & overall wellness.

NEW MOON Essence of Chicken with Wolfberries, CNY gifts

KINOHIMITSU Essence of Chicken Box Set

The Kinohimitsu Essence of Chicken also uses the high-pressure double-boiled method to extract the essence. It’s halal-certified and contains Lingzhi and Shiitake Mushroom. Besides, it’s 25% less in sodium and saturated fat compared to regular soup and broth. It’s perfect for all people, especially those who are stressed or get sick easily.

KINOHIMITSU Essence of Chicken, Chinese New Year gift

EU YAN SANG Bird’s Nest Reduced Sugar

EU YAN SANG Bird’s Nest is made of 100% natural premium bird’s nest without artificial Colouring . It’s ready to drink packed in a small bottle. You can have it whenever and wherever. Moreover, it’s Halal certified and contains 25% less sugar content and is best for those who would like to have better control of their calories and sugar intake.

MISTRAL MIC2001 Hotpot + Induction Cooker

Hot pot is the best way for the gathering! I am sure most of you will agree that since it’s easy to prepare and can cater for different people. This affordable hot pot cookware is just the perfect houseguest gift that will get reused for many years to come.

MISTRAL MIC2001 Hotpot + Induction Cooker

For more CNY gift sets, shop Chinese New Year gifts at Watsons Online!


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