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About 60% of the human body is made up of water and every living cells require sufficient water to keep functioning properly. A human can survive more than three weeks on an empty stomach, but no more than four days without water.  How lack of water affects you? Here are the 4 signs your body is telling you that you are running low on water. Next time you will know when you need to pour yourself a glass of water. Young woman drinking pure glass of water

#1 Tiredness & mood swings

Studies have shown that mild dehydration can adversely affect your mood and energy. Your body needs water to perform its daily functions. When your body is lacking water, it becomes less efficient and you may feel irritable with less blood and oxygen flowing to your brain. Stay hydrated to stay in a better mood and to boost your energy. Portrait of depressed young Latin-American businesswoman sitting at computer in office holding glasses and rubbing eyes. Overworking concept

#2 Urine less than normal, darker urine

If you are not drinking enough, you urinate less than normal, about 4 times or less a day. Check the colour of your pee if you do go. When you’re are dehydrated, your kidneys hold on to as much as water as they can. And that’s why your urine will become super-concentrated and appears darker than usual with a strong smell. three toliet doors for women, disabled persons and men. Each one has his own pictogram

#3 Constipation

Can’t remember the last time you pooped? Your body may be telling you that you need to drink up. Waste in the intestines absorbs water and without proper hydration you may experience trouble having a bowel movement, while your stool become harder and difficult to pass. Drinking 8 glasses is a good goal for average people to induce regular bowel movements. Woman in bathroom sitting on toilet writing text message on cell phone

#4 Dry, dull skin

Water acts like a moisturiser, but from the inside out. Proper hydration can drastically improve blood volume, therefore feeding your skin cells with nutrients.  When you are not drinking enough water, your body limits the blood flow that reaches your skin. So, your skin becomes dry, sullen and dull. Itching In A Woman

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