The No. 1 in Germany goes international

The Plantur39 brand has helped many women. With the information, "After menopause many women suffer from hair loss," it broke a taboo and addressed a problem that until then had caused a great deal of suffering. Dealing with the topic openly, backed up by proven scientific facts, set into motion the success story of the Plantur 39 products, which were developed specifically to address this problem. What is known as the phyto-caffeine complex can often stop hereditary hair loss and strengthen hair growth. Highly active caffeine penetrates to the hair follicles and can supply sufficient energy for growth. Phytoflavones from white tea, which also increase resistance in the scalp and improve the hair follicles, are also added to the phyto-caffeine shampoos. Phytoflavones protect against free radicals and improve regeneration. Besides caffeine, the phyto-caffeine tonic also contains the hair vitamin niacin and zinc salts that prevent the increasing effect of testosterone on the roots of the hair. It also contains active plant bio-substances, for example the phytoestrogen genistein from the soy plant. Soy extracts are recommended as a successful hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women.