Smile comes to all mums whose babies feel comfortable and happy! Always gentle to the babies’ skin, Merries diapers provide all babies the utmost comfort they truly deserve. Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!

Merries Tape Diapers has a triple layer air-through system and a unique skin-friendly wavy top sheet that allows air to flow freely between the diaper and the skin, ensuring high breathability and long-lasting dryness. With its superb absorbency, exceptional breathability and ultra softness, Merries Tape diapers provide long-lasting dryness and comfort for every baby’s delicate skin!

Merries Walker Pants is soft around the waist and provides a comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement for active toddlers. It is specially designed with airy channels around the waist to allow air to flow freely so that energetic ones can enjoy maximum dryness and comfort all day. Merries Walker Pants is a joy to wear!

Wearing Merries Walker Pants