Strong, beautiful and lively.

Moist Diane is a Japanese haircare brand designed to give you silky, smooth hair with long-lasting lingering scent. Silicone-free shampoo prevents clogging of hair follicles, giving you healthier scalp and leaves your hair softer and more manageable.



Argan Oil is a rare and precious commodity made from the pit of the Argan fruit only grown in semi-dessert area of south western Morocco. Bursting with natural nourishment, Argan Oil gently cleanses your hair and scalp to help revive and nourish dry, damaged hair.

Don’t wait another day.

Achieve the shine, bounce and beauty your hair has always wanted.



Packed with natural goodness, the Moist Diane Botanical shampoo is formulated with more than 90% plant-derived ingredients. The formulation is so gentle and safe that even babies can use. Free from sulphates, parabens, artificial colourants, ethanol and mineral oils. Cruelty-free.

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