Since its launch in March 2006, TSUBAKI has been the leading hair care brand in Japan. Recording a total number of 270 million units in shipment, TSUBAKI is a cosmetic-like hair care brand with premium quality that inspires confidence and enhances overall beauty, not just limiting to the hair.

With its latest breakthrough technology, TSUBAKI contains the Melanin Hole Repair ingredient that repairs hair melanin holes caused by UV ray damage and chemical treatments, to return the natural radiant shine to the hair. TSUBAKI also contains Selected Camellia Oil, a rich ingredient that is essential for replenishing moisture and restore the shine and elasticity to the hair.

TSUBAKI offers a complete suite of hair care needs with its in-bath and out-bath products focusing on 3 different concerns:


For shine and moisture

The Shining range contains highly moisturising ingredient, Camellia Leaf Essence, to bring back shine to the hair.


For intensive repair

The Damage Care range contains reparative ingredients, Tsubaki Amino and Camellia Repair Butter, to deeply repair dry and brittle hair for silky smoothness from roots to ends.


For scalp care

The Head Spa range contains clarity and moisturising ingredients, Natural Essential Oils and Camellia Flower Extract, to nourish, prevent irritation and promote blood circulation for vitality from scalp to ends.


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