“Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil”, René Furterer, 1957


A trailblazer in the field of hair spas, René Furterer has offered, since 1957, a unique and customized treatment experience, thanks to the benefits of exceptional treatment rituals.


Formulated with 100 % natural essential oils and plant extracts, rigorously selected for their specific treatment qualities, René Furterer care offers rapid, visible and lasting benefits.



Building on an original method (personalized diagnosis, brushing, massaging), René Furterer’s treatments are unique because they combine a healthy scalp with beautiful hair.




“Awaken hair with new sensations.”


Aromatic by nature, the René Furterer brand is the expression of a sophisticated, active and sensory nature, enfolding within its heart innovative and delectable textures, appealing colors and bewitching aromas that invite pleasure, well-being and relaxation.




“Over the course of my childhood in the Provence, I learned a variety of recipes from my grandmother. She taught me how to recognize plants and their treatment properties.”


Fascinated by nature, René Furterer became familiar with the qualities of plants and essential oils early in his childhood. A pioneer in the field, he created the first hair SPA concept in 1957. This new personalized treatment method, rich in active essential oils treating both the scalp and hair, met with immediate success. Today, in association with the high scientific standards of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, worldwide specialist in Phyto-Cosmetology, René Furterer develops continually more innovative concepts derived from the heart of the plant world and based on a careful selection of exclusive natural active ingredients.