The renowned American researcher and practitioner who founded Kordel′s Nutritionals in 1949.


He advocated the achievement of wellness through a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition and pioneered programs for nutritional healing and health through natural products and supplementation. Dr Kordel also authored many popular books including “Health through Nutrition”, “Eat Right – Live Longer”, “Eat and Grow Younger” and “Health the Easy Way” and has travelled extensively around the world, including visits to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, to conduct seminars and talks and to share his knowledge. Today, Kordel′s continues his advocacy of health through nutrition with products based on the latest research on nutritional healing and disease prevention. The Kordel′s team around the world prides itself in maintaining closely-knit ties to share ideas, knowledge and uphold Dr Lelord Kordel′s philosophy.


At Kordel′s, we are dedicated to providing affordable natural health supplements for a lifetime of good health for our consumers.


Kordel's products are formulated and constantly reviewed to meet the needs of today's lifestyle. The product line comprises of an extensive range of advanced vitamins and minerals, food supplements and herbal formulations produced in compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and strict quality control.