Dove invites all women to realize their personal potential by engaging them with products that deliver Superior Care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone because looking and feeling your best makes you feel happier. Dove approaches care the say way that a friend would – it always has your best interests at heart, it raises your spirits, encourages optimism and helps you to stand strong and confidently face the world. 

Dove Hair is committed to providing advanced care solutions to deeply nourish and replenish depleted hair experiencing dryness and damage. Understanding how hair gets depleted is key in creating specifically designed products to provide dry and damaged hair with the deep nourishment and replenishment it needs.

That is why the range of products from Dove Hair is divided into two pillars: Nutritive Solutions and Damage Solutions, each containing multiple ranges to address specific hair problems caused either by dryness or damage.

Nutritive Solutions are specifically designed to treat and prevent the symptoms of hair dryness by deeply nourishing and moisturizing hair.

Damage Solutions are specifically designed to reverse the symptoms of damaged hair, by repairing and strengthening the hair keratin structure against future damage.  

Dove’s Product Philosophy:

If we are not proud to recommend our products to the women we love the most in our lives, then we won’t create them. To ensure this, every Dove product will:

- Meet or exceed all consumer expectations

- Offer provable, demonstrable and pleasurable Superior Care

- Be Beautifully Uncomplicated

- Care for future generations