Curel Japan's No.1 Sensitive Skincare Brand


From face and body to scalp and hair, Curél frees people form sensitive skin problems, and helps them live with confidence and peace of mind, 365 days a year.


Kao's vision of providing safe and effective skincare solutions means that we are always paying attention to customers' concerns over skin problems. Our research on sensitive skin began even before the terms appeared.


In 1976, a new research lab is established in Kao Japan's institute of research to learn more about our skin structure. Our long and extensive research into ceramide, an essential ingredient found in skin known to boost natural barrier function, is eventually developed into ceramide-enriched skincare products. In 1999, Curél was launched as Japan's first skincare solution for sensitive skin.


Curél's holistic skin care approach soon saw the introduction of our Face Care, Body Care, and Scalp & Hair Care series. Today, Curél, Japan's No.1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, is the culmination of over 30 years of dermatological research.


For good skin condition 365 days a year.


Curel Ceramide Care Technology