One bottle sold every 12 seconds! Japan’s Legendary Product“Natural Aqua Gel Cure”

Japan’s No.1 skin exfoliation product “Cure”


Say Bye Bye to Dead Skin Cells With Cure Today!


Thrill your skin with this natural and subtle personal skin exfoliation product that allows the skin to revitalize, renew and regenerate into healthier and more youthful skin. 

Known as the “Legendary Product” in Japan and the “Monster Product” or “Million Dollar Product” in Singapore, With one bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan, Cure is Japan’s most popular skin care product amongst female actresses, models as well as famous bloggers which has maintained its No.1 position in the exfoliation category for the past 10 years solely through WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING in Japan.  

Suitable for use by both genders on the face and whole body including even on sensitive skin, Cure is an unconventional product which gently captures and removes waste dead skin on the surface of the skin simply by just applying, gently massage and washing off !