Under eye wrinkles are the first thing we observe when we try to guess how old someone is. Under eye wrinkles diverge from outer corners of the eyes like rays which are really unpleasant, especially for women. Let’s face it! Learn the reasons behind and how to have beautiful eyes.


    Causes of Eye Wrinkles




When you are getting older and older, your skin will become dryer and thinner, and even less elasticity. As a result, wrinkles exist. The skin around the eyes doesn’t produce oil like the rest of our skin does, therefore this part of the skin isn’t easy to keep young.



Facial Movement

Squinting, laughing and frowning are common facial movements that cause eye wrinkles. By doing the same facial movements again and again, the elasticity of your skin decreases and lead to creases on the skin and also form wrinkles.


Improper Skin Care

It is necessary to moisturize our skin daily. People who have dry skin are much easier to have wrinkles than those people who have oily skin. Thus, keep moisturizing every day to avoid having wrinkles.


Sun Exposure


When you expose under the sun for a long time, you definitely have more chances to have under eye wrinkles. The UV rays turn your skin in pink and damage the delicate skin under your eyes. Other than wrinkles, black circles will also be more serious. 


Healthy Diet


Eating healthy can improve the skin problems under the eyes. Fruit, veggies and fish are all rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Try to avoid wrinkles by eating properly from now on.



    Prevent from under eye wrinkles


    Below are some eyes care tips:


Wear sunglasses


Wearing sunglasses can prevent you from wrinkles around your eyes. Try to wear glasses every time when you go out, especially when you are driving. Before you buy sunglasses, make sure you get polarized lenses or lenses coated in a layer of UV protection which will be more effective to protect your eyes and keep your eyes beauty.


Use SPF Protection Cream


Use at least SPF 15-30 protection cream to prevent from having wrinkles. Choose creams instead of sprays for safety and a burst of hydration. Together with wearing sunglasses, you can get the best results of avoiding the bad effect of sun rays on skin.


Moisturize Your Eyes


The skin around the eyes doesn’t produce oil like the rest of our skin does, so one of the tips for younger looking eyes is that we need to keep moisturizing skin around our eyes. Not only in the daytime, nighttime is the best time to make your creams work. Therefore don’t forget to apply eye creams at night for your better restore overnight.