Day to Night Makeup Transformation

Day to Night Makeup Transformation

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Do you feel challenging when you need to go from your office to a dinner? Here is simple makeup tutorial for you to take just 10 minutes to transform your day makeup to night makeup.

Use primer in the morning

Use primer in the morning before applying foundation can help to keep your makeup for whole day. Try to keep your foundation well to avoid full makeup reboot at night. Primers can also smooth and fill out fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.
Top up on foundation
When you top up on your foundation, it is suggested to use beauty blender to add foundation on the skin whilst blending it in with what you have on already. Remember to apply the foundation only on the places that need it, for examples the corners of your eyes, nose and chin, but not apply on the whole face. By doing this, cakey skin can be avoided.
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Apply highlighter

Apply highlighter across the top of your cheekbones to make your face look stunning. You can also apply on your nose, brow bones and chin if you have time to do it.
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Apply lipsticks
Lip color is the main focus of night makeup. You can simply use balm in the morning and apply color at night. Deep berry shades and dramatic reds can also be your choice.
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Refresh eyebrow
Use a spoolie brush to tidy up your brows can already refresh your face. Try to keep the brows soft, choose for a subtle brow gel to sweep over your brows can make you look younger.
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Apply blush on cheeks
Apply blush on cheeks can add some color on your face and you will look more energetic. If you have dry skin, you can pick a cream or liquid blush. If you have oily skin, powder blush will be your choice. Make sure you don’t apply excess blush, just a little re-application will be fine.
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