One Step Pimple Clear Pad 125ml 70pcs / Pack-16379

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Product features

Get rid of annoying pimples fast with this quick pimple clearing pad. Every single one of these pads are soaked in a rich medicated essence that is proven to eliminate pimples really quickly. Just a single wipe of these clearing pads on the skin wlll result in the essence being delivered deep into the skin pores to remove pimples fast. These clearing pads are simple and easy to use, and are a must-have item to carry around in your bag to help you clear pimples anytime. Betain Salicylate cares dead skin cells without irritation and makes clear skin tone. It’s a trouble&sebum care pad accomplishes matte skin by clearing skin trouble, sebum, and oil.


Corsx One-Step Pimple Clear Pad 1

 Corsx One-Step Pimple Clear Pad 2

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