At Pearl Drops we believe pristine white teeth are an essential part of looking and feeling beautiful every day. Using over 40 years experience, we’ve developed superior, professional whitening innovations to create bespoke formulas, that not only make you and your smile look great, but make sure your teeth are cared for too.

Our groundbreaking research and formulas are entirely dedicated to transforming your smile to its most brilliant white; empowering you to shine, confidently, through the beauty of your smile. Whitening. It’s all we do.

The Pearl Drops 4D Whitening Range

Our 4D Whitening System has been formulated by specialists, to clean, whiten, protect and add shine to your smile. All our formulas feature the natural ingredient, pearl purin. A unique blend of polishing agents help to lift stains and remove plaque, as well as increasing whiteness, to leave your teeth clean and visibly whiter. Alumina works to provide teeth with a glossier, shinier finish whilst sodium salts create a protective barrier to help prevent new stains from forming.

All the products in our 4D collection are formulated using this superior technology, along with ingredients which have been designed for your specific smile needs.

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