The Story of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


Nin Jiom originates from a true story of Filial Piety. In the Qing dynasty a young boy, Yang Xiaolian, lived alone with his mother as his father had passed away. When his mother became very sick for months from a serious persistent cough and bronchial ailment, he went about looking for the best doctor to cure his mother. One fortunate day he met the famous doctor Ye Tian Shi. Dr Ye was deeply touched by Yang’s filial piety and gave him a secret formula for a cough syrup. Yang prepared the cough syrup and his mother was cured after taking it. Years later, she asked Yang to mass produce the cough syrup so that more people could benefit from it. He named it Nin Jiom which means “in memory of my mother”, reflecting his filial piety. Later, the Yang family sold the business to Chinese physician Tse Sui-Bong, the founder of today’s Nin Jiom Medicine (Mfy). H.K. Ltd. located in Hong Kong.

Nin Jiom has always made consumers' health as its primary concern. It is devoted to scientific research and constantly develops new herbal products with advanced technologies and scientific methods; adopting stringent quality control processes for the selection of ingredients and modern state-of-the-art technologies for production with international standard machineries and equipment, including medicine preparation room, automatic filling and capping machines and quality control centre.

Nin Jiom owns its own farms for growing Chinese herbs in Tibetan Highlands.

Best Quality with No Compromise.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa offers 4 in 1 actions with great taste

1. Relieve Cough 2.Nourish Lungs 3.Reduce Phlegm 4.Soothe Sore Throat.

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