The company Medi-Ice Pak Australia was started by husband and wife Tom and Robin Hope in 1977.

The genesis of the business lay in Tom's search for a better solution for treatment of headaches that was both convenient and drug free. He had been in a boating accident in which he suffered injuries causing headaches on a long term basis. The solution was the "Medi-Mask". A gel based mask when worn caused vaso-constriction relieving the pain of a headache.

The mask was the first of what is now a wide range of gel pack products. With the growth of the range came the growth of the business. Medi-Ice is now the leading manufacturer in Australia of Hot/Cold packs. 

Medi-Ice has developed a number of products that are useful for the treatment of a wide range of conditions from

•Soft tissue injuries

•Chronic back & joint pain

•Headaches and fever

•Minor stings and bites



The packs can be used both hot and cold and can be conveniently stored in the freezer for immediate use. For heat applications microwave the pack which will be ready for use in minutes.

The packs are easy to use. Used by health professionals, sports professionals and in first aid kits at work and home around Australia and overseas.


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