Elite, the world’s leading model management company, synonymous with modeling prestige and an icon in the industry.

Elite is the most important model agency in the world renowned for its professionalism, eternal beauty and strong image

“Everyone is a supermodel" as the spirit of the brand, the products do not have fancy or dazzling colors, but instead adhere to the practical nature and classic tones to create a professional-grade fashion sense, so that every girl can become a Supermodel in their own way.

Elite Hair Accessories, inspired by elegance and femininity, a French designer specialized in the fashion that created products with high quality products in cellulose acetate for an excellent compromise between softness and rigidity. A very good resistance to breakage.

The ergonomic design holds the hair with style & connected to fashion.

A hair clip with a minimalist Japanese like form, this simple curved disk becomes a hair ornament.

The clip metamorphoses with the various finishes, colors, material effects, inclusions of fabrics, feathers or glitters

Collections especially thought for our customers looking for trendy hair accessories.  

A range continuously renewed, offering sophisticated, trendy, limited edition collection that evolved with the fashion scene.


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