Bifesta (which literally means “Beauty Festival” in Japanese) was the pioneer to bring water-based makeup removers to Japan. 

To offer women targeted skincare right from the very first step of their skincare regime, well-selling Japanese water-based makeup remover line Bifesta is offering targeted water-based makeup removers.

With non-rinse and rinse options, as well as lotion, gel, wash and sheet formulas, these removers are based on the highly-effective Micelle technology and infused with beauty lotions to address every conceivable beauty grouse and need, be it dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, age care, combination skin, or eye and lip care.

The key benefits: 

 - It offers fast and thorough makeup removal.

 - Its water-based formula works gently and efficiently, without the sticky or greasy after-feel of oil-cleansers.

 - It is a makeup remover, cleanser and beauty lotion all rolled into one. 

 - Its non-rinse formulas allow busy women to skip the cleanser and save precious time. 

 - It deeply hydrates parched skin.


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