BETADINE® antiseptics are the first step in the prevention and healing of topical infections as they rapidly kill a wide range of pathogens – bacteria, viruses and fungi - making them an important first line of defence in the control of topical infections in hospitals and homes.


BETADINE® – the brand trusted in hospitals around the world for over 45 years.


Extensive microbiological and toxicological investigations, and decades of wide clinical experience, have established the efficacy and safety of BETADINE® antiseptics in a variety of pharmaceutical preparations

BETADINE® antiseptics have a broad-spectrum microbicidal activity and kill most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains, as well as most viruses, fungi/yeasts, mycobacteria, and protozoa

The BETADINE® range of antiseptic formulations offers physicians and home users a safe, trusted and effective solution for the prevention and healing of topical infections.

BETADINE® antiseptics is a first aid preparation to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns


BETADINE®  has 3 category of products : 

Wound care : Betadine® Ointment, Betadine® Solution, Betadine® Swab Sticks, Betadine® Dry Powder Spray, Betadine® Cream

Feminine Care : Betadine®  Vaginal Douche

Oral Care : Betadine® Gargle & Mouth Wash


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