“White is not just a colour: It represents purity and a lifestyle.” This is the business philosophy of iWhite, a Belgium-based purveyor of teeth whitening solutions under its parent company Sylphar NV.

Motivated by a strong need to provide consumers with safe and effective teeth whitening solutions, iWhite strives to replace the harmful hydrogen peroxide – a bleach and oxidising agent that erodes your enamel – found in all whitening products. iWhite was launched based on a formulation that is completely without hydrogen peroxide, clinically proven to whiten your teeth and make them stronger without causing any side effects.  


Taking care of your teeth can do wonders for your image. Having a set of white and healthy-looking teeth is a reflection of one’s habits, hygiene, and grooming that further inspires greater confidence and leaves a positive first impression. iWhite’s solutions promise amazing results all in the comfort of your own home!