DHC Brand Story

·        #1 Direct Mail Skincare company in Japan with a history of more than 30 years.

·        DHC beauty products are a result of extensive research & development, customizing and developing their lines to suit the needs and preferences of their customers.

·        DHC formulates to utilize natural ingredient utmost and challenges to their best to remove ingredients that may impose stresses our skin.

·        DHC focuses on the healing power of natural ingredients and the skin’s ability to absorb these ingredients, and they have been developing skin-friendly and highly effective natural cosmetics that have set new standards throughout the industry.

·        Promotes 4 steps skincare routine: Remove Make Up, Wash, Tone & Moisturise.


Company History – Japanese Heritage

·        Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, the company’s owner & true visionary, discovered an exceptional grade of Olive Oil from Spain & saw its potential for use in health & beauty.

·        In 1980, launched the very first DHC product, “DHC Olive Virgin Oil”, which has been the icon of their cosmetics products to date. Currently, DHC expands its business to not only cosmetics market but also to health supplements and others.


·        In 1995, DHC began its global expansion, bringing its beauty secrets to women in other parts of the world. DHC offices can be found in USA, Taiwan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.

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